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Bern - Muri
Muri is a popular residential area of the Bernese. With its many gardens and villas, it is located near Berne and is the ideal starting point for excursions to the Bernese Oberland and the Emmental.
Easily accessible public transport and a direct connection to the motorway make Muri an ideal business location. The community of Gümligen is home to many services, industrial and IT companies as well as the headquarters of different associations. It is a part of the municipality of Muri.

With its old and venerable sandstone buildings, historical towers and eleven unique fountains, Berne is one of the greatest medieval town constructions in Europe. The townscape has been left practically unchanged for centuries.
This is why Berne was distinguished by UNESCO as a world heritage site. The city, famous for its bear pit (the bear is the heraldic animal of Berne), was thus awarded the same distinction as other sites such as Rome, the Egyptian pyramids and the Taj Mahal. Berne is also the seat of the Swiss government.

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